Classic Tank Model Kit M3 LEE

1:32 Scale Classic M3 LEE WWII Medium Tank Kit.
Item #: 6155


1:32 Scale M3 LEE "The Iron Cathedral" WWII Medium Tank Kit.

The M3 design process began in July 1940, as a derivative of the T5 Medium Tank prototype, many features, like the full rotating turret design, were far from ready and the US industrial capacity not mature enough for the required production values. The T5E2 design came as an interim, fast-to-production model.  The rushed design then entered production, being required both by US Army needs and the United Kingdom’s demand for 3,650 medium tanks.  It was basically a scaled up M2, with better armor, a much higher and wider hull, in order to mount an offset 75 mm (2.95 in) gun in a traversable sponson on the right side.

The M3LEE was not supposed to be a frontline tank during the entire length of WWII, but it nevertheless saw service until the very end. For the British, it became the warhorse of the British 5th Army during 1941-42, especially during the worst period of the campaign.

Here are some of the features of this Easy Assemble M3 LEE Model Kit:

  • 1:32 Detailed Scale Model
  • Approx. 6 Inches Long
  • Easy Assembly Required, No Glue Needed.
  • Includes Screw Driver
  • 20 Pieces
  • Top Turret Rotates
  • Tracks Work and Turret Guns Move up and Down.