Heavy Thunderfire Mini Gun

New Lights and Sounds Mini Gun with Rotating Barrels.
Item #: DF25218B


NEW Heavy Thunderfire Mini Gun

The newest addition to the Kids-Army arsenal is our Heavy Thunderfire Mini Gun. This lights and sounds machine gun is fully decked out with a tripod, ammo belt, and 5 realistic rotating barrels. Each individual barrel lights up when you pull the trigger, displaying an awesome light show and providing realistic machine gun sounds. In addition to a rotating barrel, the ammo belt also rotates as the gun is fired.  The ammo belt can be connected for an endless stream of ammo or left unattached can be fired one stream of bullets at a time. The gun can be equipped with an easy to use handle (located on the top of the gun for on the move action), as well as a detachable tripod for when you need the extra stability for those long range precision ploys. This item can be shipped internationally and to states with toy gun restrictions, so don't wait! Add this Mini Gun to your arsenal today!



  • Barrel rotates and lights up when you pull the trigger
  • Bullets Rotate as you pull the trigger
  • Crazy Cool Light Show!
  • Realistic Machine Gun Sound
  • Includes Tripod
  • 20" Long
  • 6" Tall without Tripod
  • 10” Tall on Tripod
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries
  • Intended for ages 3+

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