SpandoFlage Head Net - Black

Item #: 4863


SpandoFlage Head Net - Black

SpandoFlage is the ultimate camouflage, providing total concealment! Match your face to the pattern of your clothes. Custom positioned eye holes and form fitting insures perfect visibility at all times. Cool in warm weather, and it cuts the chill on frosty mornings!

  • Expansion Ration of 10 to 1 - One size fits all!
  • Eliminates the need for paints or tape
  • Conforms to shape
  • Ravel-proof; Can be cut in any direction

Instructions for making eye holes (Adult Supervision Required):

  • 1 - Pull head net over head.
  • 2 - With palms of both hands, push head net towards front of face.
  • 3 - Pinch head net in front of eye and pull 3 to 4 inches away from eye.
  • 4 - Take scissors and cut a slot approximately 1-1/2" long directly over eye.
  • 5 - Repeat for other eye.