Youth/Adult Airsoft Black Hawk BB-Proof Vest

Item #: CA302BN


Youth/Adult Airsoft Black Hawk BB-Proof Vest

Want to stop BB's in their tracks and look like a pro while you do it? Then this Youth/Adult Airsoft BB-Proof Vest is the one for you! Removable foam padding in the chest and back of this vest mimic the look of Kevlar, while proving essential protection from airsoft rounds. This awesome vest comes outfitted with a removable velcro-backed "American Flag" patch, and is ready for battle. Additional "Police", "Sheriff" and "SWAT" patches are available for purchase, as well. Your just not ready for your next raid without this vest - Get yours today!

  • Very well crafted deluxe BB-Proof vest
  • Fully adjustable with Velcro straps at shoulders & waist 
  • Soft collar design for comfort
  • One size fits most
  • Includes velcro-backed "American Flag" patch
  • Additional patches available: "Police", "Sheriff", and "SWAT"
  • Intended for Ages 8+
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